About us

A warm welcome!

Welcome at A Heavy Burden! This is a website dedicated to depression, alcoholism, debts, loneliness and other related problems. This is explicitly NOT a substitute for professional help, but merely an extended hand to you if you struggle with one or more of these problems, and an invitation to take a step to find the help you need.

The stories on here are real experiences by real people. “Story” should be read as “life story” here, not as “fiction”. They’re not pretty stories, and they don’t always have a happy ending, because that’s not how depression and mental health struggles work. Getting the professional help you need does not make your fight magically disappear, and pretending it does would be dishonest and counterproductive.

What binds all these stories however is the undeniable fact that in these stories, getting help has helped us, one way or the other.

And that’s our goal here. Take the step, the extended hand, and find yourself the professional help you need. Nobody else can do this but you.